Guild Information (please read me)

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Guild Information (please read me)

Post by Myolie on Thu Oct 06, 2016 12:37 am

Thank you for taking interest in our guild. Please take a few minutes to read this summary about us before you apply so that you know if you join that we are the right place for you. If you require more extensive information, please go to our website at =)

Who are we?
We’re a casual World of Warcraft guild on the EU-Ghostlands/Dragonblight realm. We’re a small and relaxed guild who first and foremost just want to have fun together.

What do we believe?
We are not a pug group. We believe in getting to know our members as people not characters. Our goal is to play together, try together, learn together and ultimately succeed together.

What do we do?
We are interested in all areas of gameplay that WoW has to offer (with the exception of Role-Playing). e.g. raids, dungeons, pvp, achievement/mount runs etc.

Other Information
Primary Language:       English
Voice Chat:                 Discord
Addons:                      DBM and GTFO
Alts and low levels:      All welcome

Why us? (to summarise)
We value social interaction
We respect real life commitments
We appreciate every member
We like to do stuff together
We're here to have a good time

If you are specifically interested in joining our raid team, please check our recruitment section to see our current available spots.


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