Application - Letauren

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Application - Letauren

Post by sumox on Thu Nov 24, 2016 12:20 am


I'm going to follow the sticky note for application so... yeah :-)
I prefer being called either Sumox or Letauren.
                                      [Short introduction]
I am a guy from Sweden who like to spend his freetime on world of warcraft and other games.
I bought wow this summer to try the prepatch for legion. This was NOT the first time I've played wow, my brother bought it way back in wrath/cataclysm and I snuck in a character in another realm and played. I play pretty regularly but prioritize school first, I am pretty much online every day so yeah...
I am looking for a active guild with friendly people and with a organized schedule for raids etc.

I play a Fury/Arms warrior and prefer Dps as my raid role and it would be an honour to join your raid team. (My character is pretty fresh i had to rush him from 1-110 before I got to far behind and just Dinged* 110 just a few weeks ago. When I am writing this my ilvl is 845 Rolling Eyes

Main Character - Letauren -Dragonblight

PS. I'm a bit shy...


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Re: Application - Letauren

Post by Myolie on Tue Nov 29, 2016 3:41 am

Hey there,

Sorry for the delayed reply, and thank you for taking interest in our guild =)

We would be happy to invite you when you are next on. Perhaps we could arrange something?

Feel free to /w Myolie-Ghostlands, Ebrithil-Ghostlands, Zholla-Ghostlands or Whodaamann-Ghostlands

Look forward to meeting you soon



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