Guild Master Self Introduction

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Guild Master Self Introduction

Post by Myolie on Thu Oct 06, 2016 1:21 am

Since I'm asking all current members and new members to do this, I should lead by example Razz

1. People can call me by my Main's name (Myolie, or My for short) but most members just call me Lil

2. I'm from England and joined WoW during the Wrath Days but took a hiatus from the game during Cata and most of MoP because I moved to Hong Kong for work. I am still in Hong Kong so that will explain my odd playing hours.

3. I want a guild where I can be myself (a very clumsy player) and not get my head bitten off by other players for it. I really enjoy playing wow, and more so when with like minded and nice people. If I'm honest, I'm definitely more a PvP-girl, than raider but I enjoy both.

4. I'm not very good with in-game direction, or dodging boulders (BRH), and too often I get locked out of boss fights because I didnt quite walk into the room enough... oh and making gold is my hobby XD

5. My main is Myolie, the holy paladin so i'm a healer for raids and dungeons


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