Harricane - Introduction

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Harricane - Introduction

Post by Harricane on Thu Oct 06, 2016 3:55 pm

Hi all,

I am a new member to the guild and have been away from WoW for some time.

My name is Adam and I am 49 years old and live with my wife nd my youngest son in Lincolnshire, England, We moved from London just before last Christmas so life is quite interesting now living in the countryside.

In addition to my three year old son, I have three other boys ranging from 27 down to 19 who are now making their own ways in the world.

I started gaming at the age of 30 playing Beta in Everquest, I moved on to wow through a mind boggling number of other MMO's, DAoC, NWN, LOTR, and a mass of others.

I am generally DPS, my main is Harricane (Destro Lock) but I also have a 100 hunter which was my original character and a 100 Paladin whom I will look to level at some stage soon. Sometimes time is limited however, I may look to make a quite life changing decision in the next few days which means more time will be available.

Thanks for the guild invite and I look forward to great times with the guild.




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