Akiha - Introduction

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Akiha - Introduction

Post by Akiha on Fri Oct 07, 2016 3:27 pm

About me


My name is Steven. I am from the UK. I am based in Macau where the timezone is 6 hours ahead of realm time.
I like PVP and raiding and I am particularly interested in the teamwork aspect of the game.
My side-hobby is personality matching. My MBTI personality type is INTP. Let me know, if you know yours Very Happy


Akiha - Warlock (DPS and PVP)
Widowsong - Death Knight (Tank)
Lynslet - Priest (Healer)


I started playing Warcraft towards the end of vanilla. Back then I only did PVP.

In TBC, I can't exactly remember how it happened but I ended up in a raiding team. I did not know much about raiding. Guild raiding showed me another aspect of Warcraft. I got to know my guildies and our successes led the guild to became quite well-known amongst the raiding circles of EU-Ghostlands.

When the guild collapsed, it was a such a shock for the guild members that from what I could tell - all of them couldn't take it and quit Warcraft altogether. I left too but came back after convincing Myolie to play.

I quit again at the end of WoTLK (after moving to Macau) and rejoined just before the start of WoD. WoD was mostly Ashran but since the new expansion, I've been trying to find the magic and fun of raiding with guildies again. Smile


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