Spud(Various) - Self Intro

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Spud(Various) - Self Intro

Post by Spud on Mon Nov 07, 2016 7:46 pm

Hi all

First off, let me say thanks for letting me in.......oh dear Smile

Have been playing WoW on and off since its release; judging by that you'd like to think i know what im doing.....but!

Currently am a pretty casual player, but once i level up a few toons to 110 i will be on more often, work and family dependant.

90% of my toons have spud at the start of their name so am more than happy to be called Spud in voice, even if im on 1 off the few that aint been Spud'd up.

Used to be a raid healer but have got lazy in my old age and now just like to pew pew everything, but will do my Priest again soon ish.

Have been away for about a year so have a lot of catching up to do with all the new changes in game, so plz excuse any bone questions.

Takes a lot to offend this call sign so any topic in chat will be actively participated in, the more twisted the better:) especially if the wife aint about to moan at me talking to invisible people.


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