Crumps - Looking for a home!

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Crumps - Looking for a home!

Post by Crumps on Sun Jan 29, 2017 3:40 am

Hello there!

1. You can call me Crumps, Crumpsy, Crumpadoodle, or Ryan - Or whatever else you'd prefer ;P
2. I'm 25, football and technology enthusiast, I have a loving partner and 3 children... (I know right?) huge passion for music and good company!
3. I generally just want to be around good people, complete raids and mythic dungeons or even pointless quests or guild events, easily pleased!
4. I'm a fairly active player however I do play another number of games, but WoW is my main, I think that's what the hip kids call it these days?
5. I place Enhance Shaman at the moment, that would be my prefered.
6. Crumpsypoo .. Manly right? Razz

I look forward to any and all replies, I'd just like to note that I was really drawn in by your forum post and I'm quite excited about this possible venture.



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Re: Crumps - Looking for a home!

Post by Myolie on Sun Mar 05, 2017 10:34 am

Hi Crumps,

Firstly, sorry for the late response. Actually, we don't really use the forum anymore as we've decided to use Discord as our member communication hub.

I tried to add you in game but i see you are not on our realm (dragonblight/ghostlands).

If u are still interested in joining us, pls drop me a message or /w me if u see me on.


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