Application- Xenesthis

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Application- Xenesthis

Post by Xenesthis on Tue Oct 18, 2016 8:55 am

Hi there.

My online name is Xenesthis and i'm a hunter on the EU Ghostlands server.

My name is Paul Hardy and I'm an English guy currently living in the Cayman islands and because of this i play at strange times of the day and night,(7 hours behind the CET),

I moved here nearly 3 years ago and brought my EU account with me rather than starting all over again on a US server.
I LOVE WOW and am a complete altoholic with 22 toons over Ghostlands and Dragonblight (why research 3 artifact weapons when you can have 3 characters to experience it on).

If time permits i love being in guild runs and also love going back and soloing old content for mounts or achieves i have missed (currently running TOT and Dragon soul for the mounts weekly).
I started playing at the launch of TBC and raided heavily in Lich King before casually playing through Cata and Mists, Legion is the most fun i have had since Wrath,

I would like a guild where i can home all my character under 1 banner and make some great friends while killing monsters - basically i want to be a kid again in my mum's basement rolling 20 sided dice like on 'stranger things' Very Happy
I'm a chilled out guy who hates pugging and the type of attitude that comes with it.

I usually play on Monday/Wednesday/Friday nights and all day Thursday,

Hope to hear from you soon,



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Re: Application- Xenesthis

Post by Eleuia on Sun Oct 23, 2016 2:30 am

Don't worry, seems like a bunch of us play at really random times, be it due to time zones or strange sleep patterns Razz

In any case, welcome to the guild! I'm an altoholic as well but since I'm quite new to the game I'm still working on expanding my empire!


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